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If you want to make your gorgeous interior ideas alive, Minaro Corp. is exactly what you need. Your ideas, construction projects and plans will be implemented in close cooperation with us in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

You can be sure that every 3D interior rendering we provide is unique. Are you ready to make a first step for your dream today?

You have an idea or want us to help you to find it? You can be sure that Minaro Corp. turns it into a vision that we can show you like a 3D-real space. This design speaks volumes for itself, makes client-artists communication much easier, but most importantly, ensures successful cooperation and more pleasure from the deals.

When Minaro Corp. shows a clear vision of an interior 3D design to our clients, you can:


3D Interior Visualization Process

Since interior design is a very characteristic niche, it comes with a certain responsibility and obligation.

Collecting project information 25%
1st draft development 50%
Client's feedback and revision 75%
Small necessary changes and final check 100%



Make a design now, save your time later.

Professional View

Tell a designer what you need from the space and get advice on how to make it even more functional and better.

Control and precision

Each component of a building, product or machine can be analyzed and measured individually.

Unique project

Your Idea + Our Vision = Unique Result

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We are here to make your dreams come true.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Can Visualization Do?

    Interior visualization helps clients picture the expected outcome in the most realistic way, and provides them with a ready shopping list. If the design requires changes, they can be made easily and quickly by a Minaro's artists.

  • The process of interior design involves creating the experience of a certain interior space by relying on surface treatment and spatial volume manipulation. A lot of people confuse interior design and interior decoration, but interior design relies on architecture, environmental psychology, as well as product design, unlike plain decoration.

    Interior designers are professionals who design homes and offices and specialize in this field. This creative process includes analysis of programmatic information, working on refining the direction of the design, creating a conceptual direction, and producing construction and graphic communication documents.

  • 2D design, as the name suggests, is a design that has only 2 dimensions (height and width) and looks a lot like hand-drawn images. 3D designed objects consist of height, width and depth. This helps us to get a more realistic picture of what is shown because you can see all the things almost as if they were in real life. And while 2D design is still and probably will be quite popular with designers because of its uniqueness, most people consider 3D design to be a more effective tool for the real estate industry.

  • When making design for a real estate, we must take into consideration the fact that it does not yet exist in real life. In this case we will have more 3D modelling work to do. This sometimes includes modelling not only of a building inside, but also of surrounding landscape and hardscape.


We believe that Minaro Corp. is able to deliver the best assistance together with 3D visualisation of the highest quality.


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